Uncompromising quality and attention to the smallest details

In DEMT PRINT, we pay attention even to the smallest details that can affect the quality of our work. All our employees use gloves, observe strictly the written rules and procedures for every stage of the production processes, all processes are documented, and each employee checks the quality of work of the previous process. All of this is the result of our long-term efforts and policy for achieving the best possible quality, as well as compliance with all standards.

The company has a tailored integrated polygraphic production management system – ERP, which allows for tracking main and additional work processes in real time, such as production, delivery and stocks management, operating resources, production volume, rate of execution of orders. 

3 степенна проверка на качеството

Constant quality check

We at DEMT PRINT track the quality level before and after each production process. All employees of the printing house take part in the checking ans self-checking system, which leads to no possibility of even the smallest deviation in production quality.

Висока производителност и спазване на всички срокове

High performance and keeping all deadlines

DEMT PRINT has various different machines for printing and finishing processes which allow us to be flexible regarding workload, as well as to keep all planned deadlines.

Внимание и към най-малките детайли

Attention to the smallest details

DEMT PRINT is the first printing house in Bulgaria with an installed dedicated Austrian air humidification system called merlin® , which allows us to print seamlessly on paper with very small weight – 40 g.


Two of the biggest pharmaceutical plants put their trust in us

DEMT PRINT is “an approved provider for the production of leaflets” for Actavis (Balkanpharma Dupnitsa AD and Balkanpharma Troyan AD) and for Antibiotik Razgrad.